The Right to Privacy: The Misunderstood “Right”

If anything has become apparent to me over the past few weeks, it is the debate over whether the first ten Amendments to the Constitution stretch far enough to account for non-explicit but hinted rights. The Bill of Rights does not go far enough to protect what most people would hold as inherent human rights, one being the right to privacy. A conflict which exists is what to do with issues which fall in the gap between human rights (U.N. Commission on Human Rights noted, and those which are not) and constitutional rights in the United States.

Empirical evidence demonstrates the varying interpretations of what it means to defend the “right to privacy.” These differing interpretations arise from political ideologies, political leanings, and the political affiliation of powerful, high-standing individuals, such as Supreme Court justices. Previous administrations and Supreme Courts have guaranteed some security – your right to privacy cannot be completely eroded, whether their arguments depend on an appeal to the fourth amendment or not. However, my blog posts share one great concern: What does Donald Trump and his Administration mean for privacy rights in the future? Why does the Administration think they can abide by one set of rules while making the general public play by another?

President Trump did not achieve many – if any? – of his campaign promises to “make America great again!” However, he did roll back Internet security and privacy rights. Your internet history can now be purchased; even a list of the sites you click on, are up for grabs to the highest bidder. How can the political culture allow for this to happen? How can a country go so far afield from protecting the very fundamental rights we should enjoy while surfing the web? I have only one theory: the right to privacy does not exist. Sure, it exists in the minds of rational-thinking human beings. But, in this day and age, just believing that we have other rights is ludicrous. Unfortunately, the Ninth Amendment seems to mean nothing in twenty-first century America.


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